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  Ltd. „Intelligent Communication” have started its operation on  the 27th  February, 2008. The main tasks of the company are to offer rental facilities and information technology services, provide economically stabile and favorable solutions for enterprises and private persons.  Our aim is to introduce a new kind of rental services in the Baltic’s and Scandinavian countries.

      While working in the Baltic countries, offering renting and IT services, we have got a great experience at this area . We have developed several projects that give us the opportunity fast and in time react to the needs of customers. We are developing and elaborating the list of our services and prices all the time, moreover, we work with each client individually. It is possible to observe our services on information technologies here.


Our details

Ltd. "Intelligent Communication"

Legal address: Tadaiķu iela 8/1-3, Rīga, LV-1004

Registration number: 40003996191

VAT: LV40003996191


A/S Parex banka LV53 PARX 0005 7069 5000 1

A/S Swedbank LV80  HABA 0551 0251 6251 1

A/S DnB Nord banka LV 74 RIKO 0002 0130 9719 7


Car rental +371 20052777 info@rentgroup.lv

Rent of real estate +371 26190284 info@rentgroup.lv

Computer rental 65022247; + 371 20390991 laura@intellcom.lv

Computer service +371 20390990; 65022247 info@intellcom.lv