Hire general rules

To lease the selected object:

  • For individuals:
  1. Need to reach 18 years of age and need a passport or driver's licence as a personal identification document.
  2. Prepayment of the leased item is calculated watching from the person's age.
  3. Security money is charged.
  4. See additional special rules.
  • For companies:
  1. Need copy of registration certificate and  power of a person who may sign a contract.
  2. Should not be a debt to other organizations who are registered in LR (in cooperation with the Creditreform).
  3. Reservation is available at the earliest after 3 hours.
  4. New customers must make a full prepayment, it includes fee for rental of the facility and the guarantee money. Regular customers must pay in advance only to security money, the rest may pay later.
  5. See additional special rules.
  • Security money conditions

The security money is intended to cover losses what has appeared in the lessee's fault. After the object transfer security assets are returned, if the leased object placed in the same condition as the day when the object was issued. Security money level calculate after leaseholder age and after quality of leased object.


RentGroup leasing - lease with option to buy

Having RentGroup leasing, security money is not charged. The lease period shall not be less than 3 months.

Lease without first deposit, simple rules. Unable to pay, return the rental item.

Having leasing, you need:

  • show your income;
  • must not be in credit register;
  • an official work, work abroad, etc.;
  • bills are transferred only by bank transfer;
  • design contract may last up to three business days, depending on the availability of rental facility.

For companies:

  • copy of registration certificate;
  • quick balance for the last quarter;
  • in some cases, the bank's financial statement for the last month.


 Car rental special conditions

Car reservation

You can reserve a car 24 hours a day, filling the reservation application for the title ”cars” or calling by phone +371 20052777

Reservation is made only for a car group, not for a specific type of car.

Requirements for the driver and the necessary documents

For car renting you must be attained the age of 21 and will have driver experience for at least 2 years. Persons who disagree the above requirements must pay additional insurance Ls 20.

Necessary documents: 1) valid passport, 2) valid driving licence.

The minimum rental period

Minimum duration of car rental period is 24 hours. If car is returned 1 hour later than specified time, client shall pay for the next rental day.

Car delivery

We offer a car delivery the boundary of Riga - 5Ls, working time 9.00 - 18.00. Outside working time, weekends and holidays delivery is Ls 10. The delivery outside the boundary of Riga by agreement.


Payments is included OCTA and CASKO insurance, maintenance. Payments for a car rental can be paid in cash, or by making a transfer to a designated account.


Insurance is paid immediately renting a car. Buying additional full insurance 10LVL per day, deposit is not necessary.

Additional driver

It is possible to indicate several drivers in the Agreement for extra fee (7 LVL).

Additional equipment

GPS Navigation system Tom-Tom One XL.


Driving outside of Latvia should be coordinated with the lessor.


Fuel is not included in rental pay. Car is rented with full fuel tank. When the lessee returns the car with less fuel than receiving, additional fee is calculated on the shortfall of fuel 1.5LVL per liter. 24hours help Car accident or breakdown, call for 24 hours technical support telephone +371 20052777

Chauffeur and transfer services

We offer a chauffeur service 5LVL / h from 9:00 to 22:00. Possible transfer service. Prices are by agreement.


Terms of estate rental

Booking the apartaments

You can reserve an apartament:

  1. Calling by phone 26190284
  2. Sending us an e-mail to info@rentgroup.lv
  3. Completing the reservation application on our website.

The reservation is valid after receiving all yours details: name, surname, a personal code, telephone number, arrival time etc.

Reservating timely, at least one week in advance, You get a discount Ls 1 per rental day.

If the apartament you choosed is already booked, we can offer you another equivalent variant.

Short-term rent

An apartment rental minimum price is set for one day,  also if you rent an apartment for 1 hour.

The price depends on term of rent , amount of persons and the season.

The price includes:

  1. Bed-clothes.
  2. 2 towels.
  3. Dishes and other household accessories (each apartment is different).
  4. Cable of satellite TV and an internet (if it is in an apartment).
  5. Municipal services (heating, water supply, an electricity, gas).

Long-term rent

Apartments are also possible to rent in long-term.

Renting an apartament, long-term contract is signed as a minimum 1 year.

The tenant pays also municipal services (heating, water supply, an electricity, gas)

The order of payment and the guarantee sum

The price of rent are paying on the date when signing the contract.

It is possible to make the pay in cash or by transferring the amount to our account (our details you can see uder title „About us”).

You must pay the entire amount at the rent in the beginning, which is calculated for the entire lease period, except in cases of long-term rentals, when in the direct date the customer pays for the previous month.

In a case of damage of the apartment, equipment and furniture found in it,  or other property and also loss of keys, from the guarantee sum, the sums necessary for a covering of charges connected with repair and restoration of the spoiled equipment and property and also for manufacturing new keys and change of the deputies can be calculated. If the sum of the caused damage exceeds more than guarantee sum, a special payment to defray expenses is collected from the client in addition.

During stay in an apartment

  • During stay in an apartment the client has the full responsibility for its condition, and also for furniture, the equipment and property taking place in an apartment. In a case of faults in work of the equipment of an apartment, and also unforeseen damages or force-majeur circumstances the client is obliged to contact immediately the manager of company or the flat owners.
  • As practically: all our apartments settle down in multiroom apartment houses, the client is obliged to observe all rules and the norms of behaviour accepted for tenants. So, one of rules is necessity to keep quiet from 23.00 and till 7.00, in a case of non-observance of this rule, neighbours have  the right to call police.
  • In a case of reception of repeated complaints the firm has the right to move the client from an apartment without compensation before the paid sum.
  • In a case of serious technical problems in an apartment (absence of heating, hot water, absence of an electricity) the apartment can be replaced with equivalent by the same price.


Computer and projector rental rules


You can reserve computers and projectors:

  1. Called by phone 20390990;
  2. Sending us an e-mail to info@rentgroup.lv
  3. Completing the reservation application on our website.

Hardware receipt and using

The tenant receive a computer and a projecor when is signed the Acceptance Act and the contract.

From this moment the tenant is responsible for the hardware storage and bear all risks associated with hardware deterioration, theft, loss, etc..

The tenant undertake the computer hardware maintain in a state in which it was received.

Ownership of the hardware owned by Lessor, which guarantees the hardware for the normal and continuous operation in the lease period.

A tenant without the written consent of Lessor shall not export the hardware outside the Latvian border.

The amount and settlement arrangements

Lessee shall be paid a security money and rent money to the Lessor's account number, no later than the day before the computer adoption.

After  the end of the lease term of hardware Lessor and Lessee shall draw up the transfer act about the transfer of hardware.

The Lessor immediately  shall pay back to lessee the guarantee money if the hardware is returned in the same condition as it was received.

If the hardware is not transferred to the Lessor in the same position as the receipt, then the tenant must to pay all expenses associated with the hardware for putting them in order.

Lessor's liability

The Lessor undertakes to immediately remove the hardware technical faults encountered a technical obsolescence or spoilage.

The Lessor undertakes to replace the defective parts, or hand out other hardware, which is equivalent or better.

Lessee's liability

The tenant undertakes to observe all warranty use terms.

Use the leased computer equipment in the in objects, which was fixed in the contract (except in those cases when the tenant lease the laptop).

A warranty

Guarantees do not apply to:

  • Damage resulting from a chemical or fluid exposure.
  • Hardware (including monitors) surface cleaning using inappropriate wiper.
  • Damage by caused computer or other equipment subjected to mechanical actions.
  • Damages caused by using improper current.
  • Equipment which is arbitrarily repaired during the rental period.
  • Tenant installed software for the consequences.
  • Lessor is not responsible for the preservation of data stored on your computer after the lease expires.